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AXOR: History and Mission

Axor srl, founded in 1983, is a pioneer in the production of chemical products used for care and maintenance of household appliances.

The firm manufactures detergents, scale removers, degreasers, decarbonisation products, softeners, water demineralisation, and fragrant products, which are used for cleaning and proper maintenance of household appliances.

Ensuring long life of electrical household appliances, eliminating the problems associated with the operation of the equipment (limestone formations, grease, sludge, dirt, charring, unpleasant odours, etc.,) and to ensure ease of use of the products themselves are the objectives that Axor has always pursued with commitment and has achieved excellent results.

Expensive and high-tech appliances need to be repaired or replaced frequently due to poor maintenance. During these years, for each type of equipment, from the washing machine to dishwasher, from the refrigerator to the oven, from the vacuum to ironing systems, from a cooking surface to the coffee machine, from the dryer to the air conditioner, that is to say for each device that makes our lives easy and pleasant, Axor has designed and developed a range of high quality products, distributed on the national and international market.

The purpose of the project is to help make improvements in the field of cleaning through the creation of effective products, with reduced environmental impact and adequate technological evolution of the equipment, which involves an ongoing commitment on the part of Axor to upgrade and search for solutions to make increasingly effective products which are easy to use and in compliance with the safety requirements and have minimum impact to the environment.

Quality certification EN ISO 9001:2008 and environmental certification EN ISO 14001:2004 fit right inside of this business philosophy, displaying a commitment to innovation but also with responsibility toward people and the environment. The use of selected raw materials, in accordance with regulations and the careful and painstaking production process, total traceability, made entirely in the national territory, attest to the reliability of Axor srl, a company that customers can contact with confidence for the care and maintenance of their appliances.

With the wide range of proposed products, for both domestic and professional use, Axor Ltd. caters to families as well as to companies, hotels, public and private structures, looking for effective, reliable and affordable solutions for whom cleanliness is an obligation and not only synonymous with quality. 

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